HSS Tech Desk

Offering a hand to anyone in need of technological help, whether it be students or faculty.

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Tech Desk representatives are located near the front desk of the library during all periods, so rest assured that any problems coming up during the day can be addressed quickly.


Completely free

We are completely volunteer-based and offer help to anyone who requests it, free of charge.


Run by students

A student run club, Tech Desk members are comprised of the most technologically fluent students at South, but are willing to help anyone of all skill levels.

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We can help you with:


Computer Programming

As many Tech Desk specialists have been through the South computer science curriculums themselves, we will be happy to assist anyone having trouble with the intricacies of Java or any other programming languages.



In today's technological world, with constantly-updating software, it might be difficult to navigate through changing interfaces. Luckily, the Tech Desk employs volunteers with intimate knowledge of software, willing to help with any issues that might come up.



The Tech Desk isn't just limited to the virtual world, however. We are equipped with standard tools for computer assembly, and are happy to diagnose any hardware issues, even with smartphones. Please contact us ahead of time if you have any hardware issues.